Our Publications


The 'Internationale Bijbelbond' is the Dutch branch of Scripture Union. Here you find an overview of our own publications.



Our B-booklets are basic books with a Bible story on rhyme and merry drawings by Michel de Boer, especially for toddlers. The series B-booklets consists of twenty volumes, ten volumes from the Old Testament and ten volumes from the New Testament. Toddlers become enthusiastic about the animal that is present on every page. The tips for games, crafts, and for prayer or conversation make the book very suitable for use at home and in groups.




LIVE! originated from a desire to offer young children a Christian foundation. In the first place, this is done by approaching upbringing and education as a process of example and copy.


LIVE! offers tools with which educators, caregivers and children's leadership, from the attitude of Christ (Phil. 2:5), transfer life with God to the new generation.


The program is based on four spiritual themes:

  • God loves you
  • God cares for you
  • God helps you
  • God is with you

The method is geared to the development of the young child in which the development of faith is paramount. In addition, attention is paid to social-emotional, physical- and language development.